Monday, November 16, 2009

Random musings.

Here are pics of Sara's school halloween parade and her costume on Haloween night (yes, I know I'm almost a month late).

It has been such a busy week (still)...don't think I'm going to make the craft show, since I have had NO time to work on any stock. I think I'm just going to wait till school is over and I can stock up for the spring craft shows.
Over the weekend I did mange to do something I've been wating to do for awhile, I cooked a lamb roast. I haven't ever tried or cooked lamb, but I've wanted to for quite some time. I found a nice recipie on lamb with sour cherry sauce. I also made (ok, I cooked up a premade mix) of Basmati Rice Pilaf. The lamb came out really well, but it has a very distinct flavor. Honestly I much prefer beef, so this will most likely be our last lamb. The rice was good (it's made with dried fruit, veggies and mixed nuts), if just a tad spicy. But, at least I can cross it off my list of things I want to try someday.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. These past few weeks have been insanely busy. My Grandfather passed away Oct 23...he's in a much better place now. We're all having to adjust to not having him here now, he'd been living with mom for about 5 years now. The funeral was beautiful, though it rained cats and dogs the day we buried him.

Standing in the freezing rain managed to exacerbate the colds we were all coming down with, because the last week of October Matt, Sara and I all had the martian death flu. I think we spent 3 straight days in bed.

For halloween Sara was a skelanimals cat. For those of you without children, skelanimals are basically cute, skeletonized animals popular with young teens. There kind of a goth-gateway product. They're cute, though ( I do have pics, which I will post when I can find the camera.

As a result of being sick, I'm several days behind on my studies, and scrambling to catch up. I literally spent 7 hours yesterday doing homework. Plus, mom tapes all her lectures for me on my digital recorder....which is nice, but I have 9 hours of classes to listen to still.

Matt turned 32 on the 2nd of this month...birthdays are always a wonderful excuse to go get carvel ice cream cakes! I was planning a super-secret gift for him, but all the pieces didn't come in on time, so it will be moved to a christmas gift.

Yesterday I went out early to run some errands. Mom took Ladybird out while I was gone while she was hanging laudry, and she decided to squeeze out of the fence and go running all over the neighborhood. When I got home, Matt threatened bodily harm to her if I didn't teach her to come when called. Seems he spent a good deal of time chasing her through our neighbor's yards ><. So we're working on that. I'd really really love to get her into an obediance class, I just do NOT have the time right now. I try to work with her 10-15 minutes a day, but on the big list of things to do obediance training the dog always seems to come near the end.

Mom and I want to do a craft show at the end of the I'm trying to get a collection of new pieces together. I have a goodly amount of my old stuff together, but I really want to get more clay pieces made. That and I have to make some sort of display devices for them all, too. If only I didn't need to sleep, this would all be so much easier.