Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year, New Toys

So with the gift certificates and Christmas money I received last month I went on a spree and equipped myself with a very basic metalworking studio. This is something I’ve been itching to try for awhile, ever since I really got into the mixed media jewelry. So many times I’ve wanted a certain piece, and just could not find it (that is ALWAYS my problem lol) My solution, just learn to make your own stuff!

I spent all weekend learning to saw and drill metal (here’s a tip for all you aspiring metalworkers out there: If your drill is going the wrong speed when you drill through the other side of a pice of metal, the bit will catch on it, cause the whole piece to start spinning around. And of course, since you are holding it with your other hand, and you have not sanded the edges yet, you will slice the heck out of your fingertips….next on my shopping list: Leather gloves!!!)

I managed to make a couple pendants I’m quite proud of! I love mixing the metal, clay, resin, and whatever else I have to make exactly the piece I want! Pics will follow when I get home tonight 
I really really wish I could find some classes on metalworking and enameling in the area...there are so may basic techniques which are really hard to teach yourself off of youtube videos and books. Just a few hours of hands-on learning with someone who can show me what I’m doing wrong would really be a big help.


At 6:49 PM , Blogger Jennifer said...

Would love to see pics of your work! Yay!

Jen :)


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