Saturday, July 25, 2009

I know, it's been awhile...this month has been crazy, crazy, crazy. Matt has had several interviews (we never did hear back from CT, when we called to get a timetable for their decision they said they were still intervieinjg (this was on 6/17) and did not know WHEN the decision would be made). After a lot of thought, we have decided to move back to NY. Matt will be going to graduate school and getting his masters in applied statistics from SU. We're renting the truck monday and will be leaving here tuesday or's good to finally have a direction and to not just be forced to sit around waiting!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Well we're back from CT. Matt had his interview Wednesday, and he said it went well. It was an all-day interview, so I spent the day touring the area. CT is beautiful, I must say. If Matt gets the job we'll be packing up and moving as soon as we can. If not, we've decided to go to NY and have him go back to school to get some training and make it easier to find a non-direct mail type job. We should know in the next 2 weeks, right now we're just getting the last stuff boxed up and taken care of since we know one way or another we're going to be moving by the end of the month.