Thursday, April 29, 2010

As promised, now that I've found the cord to mom's camera here are some of the pieces I've done in the last couple weeks

A very spring-inspired flower-and-pixie necklace

Another spring-ish bird necklace (I've really been inspired by the season!)

Here is an ocean-themed necklace inspired by the glass turtle bead I bought at the big Bead show we all went to a couple weekends ago (luckily I only brought $45 in cash, otherwise I would have spent WAAY too much money there. On the upside the show comes back to Syracuse in October so I have a couple months to save my pennies!) the shades of the necklace and turtle are a wonderful variety of blues and pearls, which are all sort of yellowed by the lamplight I took the pics in ><.

And lastly a Sun and Moon piece I've been trying to create for awhile, I just could never get to come out right once I sat down to put it together. I'm still not 100% happy..I may go back and make a new focal pendant..I think it needs to be larger.


At 10:57 AM , Blogger Jen said...

*Knock knock* Hey Mel, how are you doing? Hope you and the family are well (and keeping cool in this heat!!!).



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