Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's been a very merry Christmas! Santa was very good to us this year! Sara got a slew of toys, which should keep her happy for awhile. I got gift certificates to my favorite jewelry websites. So, I bought everything I'll need to set up a basic metalsmithing and enameling workshop. I've been putting together my list for weeks now lol. Now, I just have to find somewhere to set it up! My current Jewelry table is an old nightstand with a scrap piece of countertop screwed onto it. I have a large ceramic tile on it for working clay, and a stacking storage cube to hold my tools and beads. But there is no room in this set up for all the stuff I've bought for this new setup. Plus, since I'll be using a mini-torch for soldering and enameling, I need somewhere that is fairly fire-retardent. Ug, I really look forward to the day when I can have a dedicated room for my studio again. I have a notebook I keep with me that I use to jot down ideas and inspirations for new pieces and I'm hoping that my jewelry orders slow down enough that I have some time to practice with my new toys for a bit!!! Now the hard part, waiting for everything to arrive in the mail!