Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What a way to spend a Friday night. Sara, while trying to close her bedroom window, managed to put her hand through the glass. She was bleeding quite a bit and I couldn't tell if she had glass in her hand, so we put a towel around it and drove down to the emergency room. After 6 hours, a couple x-rays, and a package of starburst, Sara came home with a few stitches.

But we didn't get in till about 5 am, which meant our Saturday departure for our camping trip was delayed. I got up about 10 am, and had to run out to do a few errands (like hit the bank, get ice and bandages for Sara). It's a good thing we have the station wagon, because everything I wanted to bring would NOT have fit into my poor, old focus. To be honest, everything I wanted to bring didn't fit into the station wagon (maybe if we had a But I got most everything into the car, with enough room for the 4 of us and the dog (Sara ended up inviting her best friend Mia to come with us). So we got on the road about 3:30, and luckily the campground was only about an hour away. I'll post about the camping trip (along with pics) as soon as Matt gets home tonight and I can remember to get the camera out of the car.)


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