Friday, December 11, 2009


Lots and lots going on this past week! Since we moved, this (unfortunately) has been my book-storage system.

I call it "Piles of books everywhere" So as an early Christmas present, Matt built me a WONDERFUL set of bookshelves.

I know, it looks like a lot of shelves, but we own a disproportionally large amount of books (even given we got rid of approximately 1/2 of them in the move).

Only a couple free shelves, lol. I'll have to be careful about getting any new books, don't think Matt will build me more any time soon :-).

While working in the garage on the shelves, I scrounged around and found the materials to make myself a fairly nice workstation for my clay, too!

I have an old countertop for space, an old nightstand for storage, and a really nice large ceramic tile to actually work the clay on. Wednesday (while watching the finale of Top Chef (michael?? Really? I mean he's a very talented chef, but Bryan or Keven were MUCH better choices, in my opinion)) I actaully got to start on a new piece. The theme is "Dragonfly in Spring." We'll see how it turns out.

Last weekend we also got the all-important Christmas tree up! We watched a Christmas Story with mom and Bob, had a really nice dinner, and we all decorated the tree.

And to top off the Christmas season we have Actually the snow isn't so bad, it's the 40-50 mph's freekin cold! I'm half tempted to try and teach Ladybird to use the catbox, just so I don't have to go outside :-).


At 5:55 PM , Blogger Jen said...

Great bookshelves... and FABULOUS art area! Nice job!



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